Matt Cutts Talks Google Penguin, Negative SEO, Disavowing Links, Bounce Rate & More

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What is Google searching for in a high caliber site, deserving of top rankings? Well as per Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam group, you should first utilization however many essential words as could be expected under the circumstances; the optimal essential word thickness is truly 77 percent. Doubtlessly connection to porn destinations. Irritating clients: that is an in addition to. You do get a support for running Adsense, he uncovered. Wow, and each one of the aforementioned other internet searchers – Bing, Blekko, Duckduckgo – they’re a group of programmers doing unlawful things. You heard it listen,

Provided that you purchased any of that, I have a few chunks of ice I’d get a kick out of the chance to offer you. That motion picture was truly a crush up satire Google put out, one that was played at the start of You & A with Matt Cutts at Smx Advanced 2012. 
All jokes aside, Cutts got into some incredible subjects and dissipated some cutting edge Seo myths in his session. Here are the highlights. 
Is Penguin a Penalty? 
No, not Penguin or Panda are manual punishments, Cutts said. He demonstrated that Penguin was intended to handle “the stuff in the center;” between fabulous, high caliber substance and spam. Panda was all about spam, however the need for Penguin came up from this center ground. 
“It does downgrade web results, yet its an algorithmic change, not a punishment. It’s yet an alternate motion around over 200 indicators we take a gander at,” he said. 
A punishment is a manual activity taken against a webpage and you will “basically dependably” be advised in Webmaster Tools assuming that its a punishment influencing your website. 
Will a Reconsideration Request Help You Recover From Penguin? 
No. “Individuals who suppose it might as well rank higher after Penguin can give us a chance to know and we can take a gander at it, and in a few examples, it really helped us make a few tweaks to the calculation.” You may as well submit a reevaluation ask for provided that you appropriate a cautioning. 
Negative Seo – Will Google Add an Option to Disavow Links? 
They beyond any doubt appear to be considering it. Individuals have been getting some information about negative Seofor quite a while, Cutts said. He noted that Google has changed their documentation after some time to reflect that negative Seo is not unthinkable, however it is challenging. Google is “discussing” having the ability to empower repudiating connections, perhaps inside a couple of months. 
Did Google Send Wmt Notifications About Penguin? 
Google is attempting to be more transparent by conveying more warnings, he said. Just a solitary digit percent of the aforementioned 700,000 unnatural connection warnings that went out around the time of Penguin were truly Penguin-identified. The lion’s share were for clear dark cap plans. 
Is Google Trying to Make a Point About Buying Links? 
Yes, they are. Consistent with Cutts, “People don’t understand, when you purchase joins, you may suppose you’re extremely cautious, that you have no foot shaped impressions, however you may be getting into business with somebody who’s not as watchful. Individuals need to acknowledge as we construct new devices, it turns into a higher-chance try.” 
Is Seo Going to Get More Difficult? 
Yes. He notes that its ended up all the more testing in the course of the last five to seven years and Seos might as well anticipate that that pattern will proceed and even increment. 
Does That Mean Google Hates Seos? 
Obviously not. Despite the fact that Cutts did hand out a hitting for Seos who purchase or offer connections: “There are individuals who press on to offer connections, despite the fact that they don’t benefit any, and that is part of how Seo has an awful notoriety.” 
Later, he said he might think about giving third party referencing for non-benefits an attempt to better comprehend what Seos are confronting. The point when gotten some information about the war on Seos, he said, “There’s no war on Seos!” and that its only a war on spam. 
Would it be advisable for you to Nofollow Affiliate Links? 
Yes. While Google does comprehend the larger part of system connections, you may as well nofollow them provided that you’re profiting from it and agonized over it. 
Are Links a Dying Signal? 
No. “There’s an observation that everything will go social and connections will be out of date yet I wouldn’t compose the inscription for connections just yet,” he said. 
Is Bounce Rate a Signal in Determining What Content May be Spam? 
No. Cutts said the Google web spam group doesn’t utilize Google Analytics information. It’s not a terrible thing when somebody uncovers their response immediately and bobs, he said. 
Is Google Ever Going to backtrack to the Days Before (Not Provided)? 
Nope. Not regardless of the possibility that you expound on it and stamp your feet all over. He understands its bad for advertisers, however secured quest is better for clients, Cutts said. As additional programs move towards securing movement, anticipate that not furnished will expand. 
Why Isn’t Adwords Blocked From Referrer Data? 
As per Cutts, this is on the grounds
that Google might then need to manage correct matches for each pursuit ever done and the commercial database might develop exponentially. He did say that he might want to see that choice returned to, however. 
Other intriguing goodies: 
Hacked destinations might misuse rich scraps, in which case Google might downgrade locales mishandling them or take them away. 
The point when inquired as to why a site may stay punished in the wake of endeavoring to evacuate awful connections, Cutts say they are taking a gander at a subsample and need to see a sincere exertion to have those evacuated, so if nothing in that example transformed, you could be Sol. 
+1s are not the best quality indicate yet in light of the fact that its still “early days.” 
Google does not think about any of their supported ads paid incorporation in light of the fact that they are obviously checked. 
In a few cases, locales hit by Panda and Penguin could be further ahead just to scrap the site and begin over. 
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